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Week of 17FEB2020

PREP (13m) – Play5m Flow2-3 Rounds– 30s Oblique Opener (w SBall or KB)– 50 SBall or KB Flutter Kicks– 30s Floating Table– 10 Squats (w

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Week of 10FEB2020

PREP EST12 5m Flow (Play) 2 Rounds of 60′ Crawl (Play) 10 Goblet Squats 2×3/3 Half-Kneeling Haloes 30s Floating Table MONDAY & TUESDAY StrengthRFQ15Hinge, PullInternal

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Week of 03FEB2020

PREP: Coaches’ Discretion, 13m MONDAY & TUESDAY Long Strength CAP25 6 Rounds 15/15 Goblet Split Squats 5/5 Half-Kneeling Military Press 5/5 Psoas Lowers Remaining Time

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Week of 27JAN2020

PREP 5m Flow 2 x 60′ Crawl 50 Flutter Kicks, Sball hold for pecs Pulsing VMO Split Squats, 50/side 5/5 Haloes Sadist Circles Monday &

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