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PowderStrong P2 W6

PREP5m Flow3 Rounds– 20 Deadbugs (Unloaded)– 20 Calf Raises (Loaded)– 20 Dimmel Deadlifts (Loaded) DAY 1 (Monday and Tuesday) Strength I RFQ15 8/8 Single-Leg Deadlifts

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Programming Week of 09DEC19

Prep: 10m, Coach’s Discretion MONDAY: Short Strength, EMOM, Chassis Integrity Grind Strength RFQ12 5/5 Standing Seesaw Presses 5/5 Alternating Rear Lunges 20 Band Pullaparts EMOM15

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Week of 02DEC19

PREP5m Flow2 x 60′ Crawl (Twisted Lizard, Monkey)3 Rounds:– 10 Swings, 5 Squats, 3/3 HaloesSadist Circles MONDAY: Moderate Strength (Hinge, Carry, Ground Work), Endurance Intervals,

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Week of 25NOV19

PREP (15m) 5m Flow 50 Ab-Loaded Flutter Kicks (SBall or KB held on belly) 20/20 Psoas Pulses 20/20 Single-Leg Calf Raises 20/20 Table Hamstring/Glute Pulses

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