Strength and Conditioning for Sliding Athletes

It’s not long now before the snow starts falling, the backcountry is skiable, and finally, the lifts start turning.

Before you know it, it’s going to be time to get the gear tuned up, be sure the pants still fit, and order that sweet new shiny toy from…wherever. 

Are your legs up to it? Your endurance? If the season stared right now, are you ready? And could you go all season without injury, tweak, pain, or fatigue?

That’s why we created PowderStrong: to be sure we were doing everything possible to be ready for a snow season where we weren’t the last ones on the skin track or the last in line at the lift. 

So knees won’t hurt, and shoulders can handle a few bumps with the ground (and maybe some beginners). And so, when the season shifts from sliding to riding or running, we don’t need to take time off; instead, we can transition into the multi-sport play SLC makes possible in the spring.

The 20/21 PowderStrong season starts October 5th. Want to stay in the loop? This quick questionnaire gets you on the list.