Strength and Conditioning for Sliding Athletes

It’s not long now before the snow starts falling, the backcountry is skiable, and finally, the lifts start turning.

Before you know it, it’s going to be time to get the gear tuned up, be sure the pants still fit, and order that sweet new shiny toy from…wherever. 

Are your legs up to it? Your endurance? If the season stared right now, are you ready? And could you go all season without injury, tweak, pain, or fatigue?

That’s why we created PowderStrong: to be sure we were doing everything possible to be ready for a snow season where we weren’t the last ones on the skin track or the last in line at the lift. 

So knees won’t hurt, and shoulders can handle a few bumps with the ground (and maybe some beginners). And so, when the season shifts from sliding to riding or running, we don’t need to take time off; instead, we can transition into the multi-sport play SLC makes possible in the spring.

The Logistics

PowderStrong will consist of three series of classes:

Series I: Sept 23 – Nov 1. Completed! FOCI: Building endurance base (faster recovery, better blood flow to muscles, fat loss), and building muscle (improving motor patterns, reducing injury risk, strengthening tendons and ligaments).

Series II: Nov 3 – Dec 20. FOCI: Add anaerobic (high-intensity) work capacity on top of the established endurance base, and develop power/speed output (jumping and landing, explosiveness) with the muscles developed in Series I.

Series III: Jan 6 – Feb 14. FOCI: In-season recovery and rehab, rebuilding and rebalancing the weekend warriors among us. In particular, hamstrings and core tend to be overlooked during the winter season, yet they’re essential to the endurance of quads and the durability of your knees.

Classes will be held at Wasatch Fitness Academy, 1295 Miller Ave.

In addition to the PowderStrong classes, participants will have access to our 3M classes (Movement, Mobility, Meditation) at 630pm on Thursdays, to assist recovery.

PowderStrong classes have already started, but it’s not too late for you to join. 

Reach out using the form below and we’ll be in touch about your options.

The Schedule

Each week will have two training days A & B. The three A classes will be the same training plan, and the B days will be the same training plan.

A: Monday 12-115pm; Monday 7-815pm; Tuesday 0600-0715am; Tuesday 530-645pm

B: Wednesday 12-115pm; Wednesday 7-815pm; Thursday 0600-715am; Thursday 530-645pm

Phase 2, Monday/Wednesday 7-815pm classes are full at this time.

Consistency tends to work best, so schedule yourself for the same time slot each week (example: T/Th 6am). However, as your schedule demands, you will be able to attend make-up classes at other times. 

The Pricing

Signing up for multiple series reduces your cost, and also provides you with scheduling guarantee for Series II and III.

One 6-week series: $147

Two 6-week series: $267

Three 6-week series: $367

THE Shirts

SPowderStrong shirts (t-shirts, light hoodies, and men’s and women’s long-sleeve technical shirts) are currently in pre-order. 

Learn more, see the mock-ups, and put in your order here. Save $5 per shirt by ordering before Nov. 9, 2019.

The Sign-Up

We’ve already started to accept registrations, so act now to reserve your spot. 

First, complete the form in its entirety. 

Then, watch for an email from Michael within 48 hours with any follow-up questions, and finally, instructions for completing your registration by paying for your attendance in the course. 

Your spot is fully confirmed once payment has been received.