Welcome to Wasatch Fitness Academy

Your workout should be the best hour of your day. 

It’s a time that is just for you, and leaves you ready to enjoy everything else. 

We are

○ a community of parents, aging athletes, and younger ones looking to get healthier

○ runners, cyclists, skiers, climbers, hikers, and strength athletes

○ aiming to age well, working to climb and ski better, trying to build our endurance, and training to get out of pain

we believe

○ strength serves a greater purpose – preparing us to be helpful to our communities and families

○ strength is the greatest asset we can build for ourselves

○ training should be challenging, rewarding, and it should always move us towards our goals

We train

○ as a cooperative community, not a competitive one

○ with diligent and considerate coaching and guidance, so we stay safe and on track

○ with bodyweight, kettlebells, sandbags, and sleds as our primary tools