Maximize your life

Upgrade your body

master your mind

Own your nutrition

You are in contol. Your life is in your hands.

Our coaches are here to support you on your journey.

Don’t do it alone. We’ll walk with you. 

Every single step.


Training at Wasatch Fitness Academy is all about you. Your goals, your needs. 

Where you’re starting from, and where you want to go to.

Our community is small: our coaches and members all know each other. This way we can all support each other. 

We’re not competitive, we’re cooperative. Except with ourselves; we all want to be a bit better, stronger, faster, smarter than we were yesterday.

We can help you with mobility, rehab from an injury, achieving a personal record, taking off some body fat, and feeling better in your skin and in your life.

We train with sandbags and kettlebells and our own body weight. Plus some barbells and machines. But mostly, we train what’s between the ears.

Schedule and Location

We run 25 classes each week, starting as early as 630am and as late as 630pm. All classes include a dynamic warm up, strength and/or conditioning components, and core strength.

We’re located at 1295 Miller Ave in Salt Lake City, north of 3300S and between 1300E and Highland Ave.

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We like everyone, yet we have some standards in our community. We want people who are kind, driven, and know that their strength serves a bigger purpose. We don’t get fit just for ourselves. We do it for our kids, our friends, our jobs, and to be useful to strangers who need a helping hand.

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