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Week of 11NOV19

PREP– 5m Flow3 Rounds of:– 60′ Pec Walk– 60′ HDSB CarryNOTE: Adapt prep work for WLM MONDAY/TUESDAY Long Strength (Push, Pull, Hinge); EMOM Strength 25m4-6

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PowderStrong P2 W2

PREP 15m– 5m Flow3 Rounds– 15’/15′ Monster Walk– 20/20 Pulsing Split SquatsSadist Circles DAY 1 & DAY 2 I. STRENGTH I RFQ15– 25 Belt Squats–

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Week of 04NOV19

Emphasis: Calves, Hamstrings, GlutesPREP3m Flow2 Rounds– 30s Calf Raises, 30s Dimmel Deadlifts– 10 Glute Bridges, 3s Isometric Hold– 60′ Low Crawl MONDAY Long Strength, Intensity

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PowderStrong P2, W1

PREP 10m60′ Bear, 30′ Frog, 30′ Twisted Lizard, 30′ Low Crawls2 Rounds: 10 RDLs, 20 Deadbugs Day 1; Emphasis: Hamstrings, Lactate Intervals I. Strength RFQ158/8

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PowderStrong Phase 1, Week 6

PREP (10)3m Flow2 Rounds, Partners– Floating Table, EO Emphasis– 10 Alternating Goblet Squats, Hold Bottom Position Day A15: Strength: Tempo Deadlifts and Loaded Split Squats;

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Week of 28OCT19

PREP (10m)5m Flow2 Rounds– 10 Goblet Squats– 5/5 Haloes– 60′ Crawl MONDAYShort Strength (Push, Carry, Ground Work), Intervals, Chassis Integrity Strength RFQ12– 5/5 Half-Kneeling Military

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