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Week of 15JUL19

Emphasis: Shoulder Stability Prep– 5m Flow3 Rounds of:– 60 Crawl– 2x5ct Arm Bar– 25 Pec PressSadist Circles Monday15m Skill: Get-UpsEndurance IntervalsChassis Integrity (Short Grind) TuesdayPrehabTabatasPower

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Week of 09JUL19

Emphasis: Pecs and Overhead Stability Prep:5m Flow3 Rounds– 60 Crawl (Crab, Low, Bear)– 120′ Pec Forward Press and Walk– 10 Ball Slams MondayModerate Strength (Seated

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Week of 24JUN19

PURPOSE & PRIORITY: 360 Abdominals PREP 3m Flow3m Ball Breathing3 Rounds– 60′ Nasal Crawl– 30s Floating Table– 10 Hollow Rocks MondayLong Strength (Hinge, Pull, Carry),

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