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Week of 04MAY2020 L&M #2

5/6/2020 Intent: Prepare/PerformIntensity: OrangeInspiration: “Higher” PREP 5min Flow2 Rounds:5 Inch Worms20 Frog Pumps5 Floor Mantis STRENGTH RFQ2010/10 One-leg Poor Man’s Leg Curl12-15 Pike Push-ups5-8 Natural

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Week of 04MAY2020 L&M #1

OVERVIEW / BRIEFING Intent: PrepareIntensity: YellowInspiration: “Solid” PREP 5min Flow2 Rounds:30s Prying Squat20/20 Extended-Range Side-Lying Hip Abductions20 Half Push-ups – Plank position, only go down

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L&M #3 Week of 27APR2020

Intent: PlayIntensity: YellowInspiration: “Get Open” PREP 5min Flow2 Rounds:– 15 Zombie Squats– 5/5 Twisting Bear – Really rotate into the shoulder socket at the top–

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L&M #2 Week of 27APR2020

Overview / Briefing Intent: PrepareIntensity: OrangeInspiration: “Suffer Well” PREP 3-5min Flow15/15 Split Squat12 Calf Raises – 3s full squeeze at the top5 Wall Slides –

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L&M #1 Week of 27APR2020

BRIEFING/OVERVIEW Intent: PrepareIntensity: GreenInspiration: “Move Farther” PREP 3-5min Flow3 Rounds:– 20 Waiter Bows– 15 Push-ups– 12 Chair Dips STRENGTH RFQ1212/12 Single Leg Deadlift15 Elevated Glute

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WOD #3 Week of 20APR2020

OVERVIEW / BRIEFING INTENT: EXPLORE MOVEMENT PATTERNSINTENSITY: YELLOWINSPIRATION: “WHY” PREP 2 Rounds:15 Deep Squats5 Floor Pullovers45s Froggers – Using the muscles to pull at both

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