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Week of 17JUN19

PURPOSE/PREP The Week’s Theme: BreathingPrep5m FlowBreath Centering with Ball/External Oblique OpenerDaily Breath/Movement Challenge MondayModerate Strength: Hinge and Pull and Chassis IntegrityModerate Endurance: Nasal Breathing Grind/Chipper

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Week of 10JUN19

FOCUS: Glutes and Hamstrings Prep (15m)5m Flow and Crawl3 Rounds– 30 Calf Raises– 10 Dimmel Deadlifts– 10/10 Single Leg Glute Bridges Monday Strength RFQ20– 10

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Week of 03JUN19

PREP3m Flow120′ Crawl3 Rounds– 10 Band Resisted Glute Hinges– 10 KB Swings– 3 Prying Goblet Squats– 3/3 Haloes Monday: Long Strength, Short&Hard Intensity Strength RFQ20–

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Week of 27MAY19

PREP AND PURPOSE This week will be LAT and LUMBAR week: we’re playing with some external torque work, and we’ll look to understand the difference

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