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Michael Krushinsky

MIchael is the head coach at wasatch fitness academy. 

He teaches yoga. And running. And strength & Conditioning. ANd mentors coaches. And runs the show.

more notably, he’s on his own fitness journey towards a lifetime of health so he can ski for another 60 years. And his life’s work (for the moment) is to build the ultimate place for individuals of all stripes to get healthier and fitter, through programs that address the whole person.

Week of 19AUG19

The priority this week is the HINGE. When we hinge well, the spine is stable, hamstrings and glutes act as prime movers, and the calves

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Week of 12AUG19

EMPHASIS: Lats Prep5m Flow2 Rounds– 60′ Bear Crawl– 20 Pec Ball Presses –> 20s Hold– 20 Hinge Plate Rows –>20S Hold Monday Moderate Strength (Pull

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Week of 05AUG19

PRIORITY: Glute Medius and VMO Prep5m Flow60′ Low Crawl50/50 VMO Pulses10/10 Glute Med Squats60′ Spiderman Crawl50/50 VMO Pulses10/10 Glute Med Squats MondayLong Strength (Swings, Squats,

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Week of 29JUL19

PRIORITY: Breathing PREP5m Flow2 Rounds– 60′ Nasal Crawl– 120′ Nasal Farmers Carry– 15 Nose-Mouth Ball Slams MondayModerate Strength (Pull and Squat)Endurance GRIND15 (Nasal Only, No

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Week of 22JUL19

PREPEmphasis: Calves, Hamstrings, Glutes4m Flow3 Rounds of:– 25-50 Calf Raises– 15-30 Tempo RDLs– 10 KB Swings MondayModerate Strength (Heavy Press, Single-leg DL)Moderate Endurance (GRIND15)Chassis Integrity

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