Updated Class Format

As of 30JUL18

At WFA, we aim to serve two competing needs for our athletes:

  1. Community: bonding, cooperating, a sense of belonging
  2. Individuality: support to make progress towards individual goals

Our new class structure is going to help us to balance this dichotomy.

Sixty Minute Strength and Conditioning Class Flow

5 minutes: Mobility Warm-Up (Flow and/or Crawl)

10 minutes: Loaded Dynamic Warm-Up (Swings, Squats, Haloes, etc.)

20 minutes: Independent Study

20 minutes: Group Conditioning Work

5 minutes: Ab Isolation and/or Mobility Cool-Down (Flow and/or Stretch)

The Independent Study portion of classes is what’s new, and that’s where we meet students’ individual needs. In that 20 minutes, athletes will have the following options to choose from:

  1. Do a workout within a targeted 6-week program. These programs will be designed to move athletes towards specific goals, and will assume three training sessions per week. The programs available in the coming weeks will include:
    1. Pure Pressing (Working on standing military press)
    2. Leg Durability (Lower-body strength)
    3. The Meathead Program (Hypertrophy emphasis)
    4. Pushing and Pulling (Upper-body strength)
    5. Conditioning (Improve Endurance and Work Capacity)
  2. Complete the programmed workout of the day. These workouts may be chosen from an existing program.
  3. Complete individually written programming to work towards independent goals. For athletes who want or need something more detailed, or working towards a specific goal not addressed in the programs above, individual programming is available. Inquire with Michael for details and pricing.
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