Lift&Move@Home Workout #6


  • Wrist Stretch – On hands and knees, then small rocking motions opening wrists in both directions
  • Neck Stretch – Nods, no’s, and slow circles
  • Scapular Push-ups – I prefer them on hands and knees, but the video displays the scapular motion well
  • Combat Stretch – 30s per side
  • Windmills – 3 per side

Warm-up: 3x



Endurance Intervals: 5x3x45/15

  • Step-ups
  • Bear Crawl
  • Lateral Jumps

Chassis Integrity: 3x

  • 15 Lying Leg Raises – Bent leg raises if necessary
  • 30s Plank
  • 15/15 Mountain Climbers with Rotation – Don’t worry about speed. This is not about cardio, it’s about abdominal engagement. Look for stable, stationary hips and good cross-body abdominal engagement.