Meet the coaches

Chelsey Wilson: Coach and Personal Trainer

What’s your favorite exercise?
I love anything with overhead pressing. I learn something new about my body almost every time I press something overhead.
What’s your least favorite exercise?
Jump lunges, because they challenge me the most. I can stair step box step or lunge all day add a jump to it and I’m wrecked.
How do you like to move when you’re not in the gym?
I love to hike and trail run with my two dogs. I have had the opportunity to find love for myself because great experiences exploring the Wasatch Front Range.
What’s your primary goal?
I workout because I love the outdoors. I workout because I want to continue to have the ability to explore and experience the world for as long as I can.
What else do you want to achieve?
My secondary goal is to love and appreciate my body from the inside out. Mental strength is just as, if not more important than physical strength.
What’s your story? Your ‘why?’
Since I can remember I have always been fascinated with human potential and helping people become a better version of their selves. I began my journey as a dance instructor. Dance gave me the freedom to move. My goal as an instructor was to share the freedom I found within myself with others. I went on to attend college at the University of Utah to get my undergraduate degree in Sociology. My degree allowed me to explore and address deep-rooted social issues and further my understanding of how I want to impact my community. Throughout college, I was a snowboard instructor. My time outdoors as an instructor reminded me of the impact nature has on us humans. We as humans are not meant to sit and wait for life to happen, we make life happen every day. We make choices every day. Positive choices lead to positive growth.
After traveling the globe for a bit and taking in all of the beauty the world offers I decided the best way to me to better my world is to start with helping individuals better themselves. From that point on I decided to become a personal trainer and class instructor. I am currently in the process of applying to physical therapy schools with the intention of becoming a physical therapist and bettering the healthcare system.
I am invested in my education and career path because I want to help as many people as I can better their situation. I believe happiness occurs when individuals strive to become physically, emotionally, and mentally in balance. Happiness is cyclical: when individuals are happy it radiates and becomes infectious. I am a personal trainer and class instructor because I believe in human potential.