This week will be LAT and LUMBAR week: we’re playing with some external torque work, and we’ll look to understand the difference between structural issues in the low back and feeling the lumbar erectors come online.

5m Flow
60′ Crawl
3 Rounds of:
– 10/10 Deadbugs
– 50 Pec Stick Flutter Kicks
– 10 Hinge Band Lat Pulls


Strength 20m
A. 3-8 Seesaw Z-Presses; 5-10 Zane Rows; 30s Active Hang
B. 8-12 Sandbag Deadlifts; 25 Pec Presses; 25 Band-Resist Lat Presses

Partners: C2 Triathalon; 3x4m+1
Max Calories; 60s Sets; Isometric Holds in Rest (Plank, Farmers, Overhead)


Prehab: 2 Rounds (8m)
– 20 Pullaparts, 10 Pullovers
– 2×30′ Monster Walk (Glute Med) and 10 Tempo Band Squats

Endurance Intervals
5x5x30/10 (Pure Conditioning: 4x5x30/10)
– DB/KB Thrusters
– Plank Shoulder Taps
– Sandbag Over Shoulder
– Loaded Step-Ups
– Rear Lunges

Chassis Integrity
Coach/Athlete Choice


Strength 25m
A. 5-15 TRX Rows; 20 OH Pullaparts; 5 Explosive ET Squats
B. 5-15 Yates Rows; 8/8 Lat Presses; 5 ET KB Swings

Partners; PUSH10; IGYG
– 3 C+P
– 5 SB Squats
– 10 SB Step-ups

Thursday & Friday

Strength I (12m)
Reverse Ladders (8/5/3)
Bilateral Hinge Row
Bilateral Military Press

Strength II (12m)
Max Rounds
10/10 IT Hammer Curls
10 Overhead Tricep Extension
20 Pullaparts

Conditioning: StrongFit Special
AMRAP8, Partners IGYG
– 5 HDSB Squats & 20m HDSB Carry