PREP (15m)

  • 5m Flow
  • 50 Ab-Loaded Flutter Kicks (SBall or KB held on belly)
  • 20/20 Psoas Pulses
  • 20/20 Single-Leg Calf Raises
  • 20/20 Table Hamstring/Glute Pulses



A. 6 Thrusters
B. 50 Rope Jumps

Endurance GRIND15
Chassis Integrity and Power
Nose to Mouth Breathing

  • 10 Breath Plank Hold
  • 2/2 Down and Ups
  • 5 Clean and Press

WLM: Adjust to fit, aim for endurance and power combination


Long Strength RFQ25
Cyclical Squats, ET Seated Presses, Chest Opener, HDSB Carries

  • 12-20 Cyclical Squats (Exhale down, Inhale up, Nose-to-nose, no forehead sweat, IT down, ET up)
  • 5-10 Seated Double Presses (Box, ~horizonatal thighs, ~90d elbow angles
  • 5-10 Chest Opener (Hollow hold position, intention is pec engagement/lengthening)
  • 60′ Heavy HDSB Carry

BTQ: 5RFT, CAP12, Endurance & Power

  • 60′ Farmers Carry
  • 20 Loaded Step Ups (Choice of light load)
  • 10 Ball Slams

WLM: Adjust BTQ to fit or create from scratch
L&M: TBD based on size/participants; adjust from PS2, or Strongman/endurance session


Long Strength RFQ25
ET/Explosive Squats, Bridge Presses, Lat Pulls, Farmers Carries

  • 5 Acyclical Squats (Nasal inhale down, mouth exhale up, accelerate on ascent, choice of load, explosive ET on concentric)
  • 10-15 Double Bridge Presses (Low pec emphasis)
  • 10 Bilateral Lat Pulls (Elbows ~90d, thin black/blue/red band attached to yoke or squat rack, hinged at ~45d)
  • Max Effort Nasal-Only Farmers Carry

BTQ: 10RFT, CAP12, Strength & Power

  • 5 Double Standing Presses (Push Press OK)
  • 10 Jump Squats