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Join us every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30-5:30pm for our Women's Lift & Move Class

Designed specifically for women who want to learn how to train, build strength, and avoid injury, this class provides hands-on coaching and instruction in a supportive, small group environment.

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Here's what our member, Jessie, has to say:

“I suffered with stubborn sacroiliac joint dysfunction due to pregnancy; I couldn’t stand or walk because of sciatic pain. Physical Therapy got me upright, but I failed to stabilize after three rounds and was pretty resigned to a sub-par existence.

“I took Chelsey’s class mainly to get out of my house and move a little, imagining I’d be pretty limited in my participation. She modified movements for me and frankly, it felt like she designed the workouts with me in mind. Her programming is lady-specific, targeting typical areas of weakness.

“It isn’t about how your body looks, but how it functions. She watches each movement, ensuring your safety, and teaches you why it matters.

Because of Chelsey, I am so much more aware of how my body moves both in and out of the gym. I used to wince in pain when I bent over to pick up my son, but now I engage my obliques, hinge back, scoop him up, and squeeze my glutes to stand, all with a gratifying smile on my face.”

Get Strong and Build Bonds

At Wasatch Fitness Academy, we believe that building strength is the best thing we can do for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

We know that feeling strong and capable in the gym breeds a confidence that carries through all aspects of our lives.

And building that strength in the supportive company of other women is what Women’s Lift & Move is all about.

A class just for the ladies, Women’s Lift & Move is more than just a workout – it’s a community of strong women working together to better themselves and each other.

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