Pre-Season Skier Training

It’s the end of August, and that means that the ski resorts will open in a few months, and we’ll likely start earning our turns even sooner. Are you ready? Odds are, not as ready as you could be, as you’d like to be.

Do you always need a few days at the beginning of ski season to get your powder legs back? Do you get crushed on your first tour trips each winter? It doesn’t need to be that way. You can feel amazing your first day on the snow. 

If you’re skiing lift-served terrain, even with minimal hiking, you need a handful of strengths:

  • Eccentric strength: the ability to absorb constant impact without losing position or control (consider how the legs work as struts, shock absorbers)
  • Core strength: the ability to maintain upper body position and control while the legs move independently under you
  • Single-leg strength and stability: the ability to stabilize, generate strength and power on a single leg
  • Overall, and leg-specific, muscular endurance: the ability to maintain position and control, even under building fatigue

And if you’re skinning up and skiing down, you need all of the above, plus:

  • Overall endurance to go the distance post-holing, breaking trail, and on skin tracks
  • Lower-leg strength and endurance for extended time with elevated heels
  • Chassis integrity to manage the weight of your pack without fatigue

Traditional gym workouts simply aren’t enough. Yes, you need to be strong, and squats and lunges are important, but they’re insufficient.

Let’s say we have 12 weeks before ski season starts. That’s plenty of time to get ready – but not so much that you can delay. If you’ve stayed active all summer hiking, running, cycling, great – your endurance base is likely there. But unlike skiing, none of these put the same eccentric and stability demands on the legs, independently. So, where to start? 

Exercises like pistol squats, jump lunges, kettlebell swings, and step-ups are all invaluable pieces of your programming. But, are you ready for these? And how can you train with enough intensity to get results, but enough quality to avoid injury? 

That’s where we come in. At Wasatch Fitness Academy we provide personal training in a group setting; we assess each individual’s readiness to jump into our programming, and then we on-ramp each athlete into the full-scale versions of each workout – always maintaining an emphasis on movement quality, so you don’t get hurt – because injury is the fastest way to ruin your upcoming ski season.

Sign-up below for an initial consultation – let’s see if Wasatch Fitness Academy is the right place to prepare for your upcoming ski season.

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