Lift&Move@Home Workout #2


  • Wrist Stretch – On hands and knees, then small rocking motions opening wrists in both directions
  • Neck Stretch – Nods, no’s, and slow circles
  • Frogger Mobility – 30s
  • Scapular Push-ups – I prefer them on hands and knees, but the video displays the scapular motion well
  • Sadist Circles (18x10s)

Warm-up: 3x



Hill Sprints!

  • 10 Sprints up a hill. You should be able to exhibit maximal effort across the entire sprint, maybe 30-45 seconds. Then walk down the hill and do it again.
  • If you don’t have a hill near your house, do 10 sets of 15 truncated burpees. Rest time should be equal to work time. So if it takes you 40 seconds to do 15 burpees, then you should rest for 40 seconds between sets.

Chassis Integrity: 4x