SEX! Your libido matters

Do you wake up in the morning feeling frisky – or at least open to the suggestion?

Feeling frisky, horny, a desire to smash, stoked for sex is a damned good indication of your hormone status. In other words:

Are the chemicals in your body doing the right stuff at the right time?

If not, than you’ve got some exploring to do.

Stepping back, “horny” is one of the 3-Hs of health, fitness, and performance. (The others being happy and hungry).

And look, if you’re not having sex because there’s no one worthy of you, or you’re all alone on a deserted island, or you’ve chosen not to, that’s okay. No judgment. But I just hope you’re still interested in it, and you’d take up the offer if the conditions/person/people/decision was right.

Let’s review one aspect of the nervous system: Sympathetic and Parasympathetic states.

Sympathetic is fight, flight, and freeze. Digestion shuts down, focus narrows, and our body responds as if it’s a life-or-death moment. Libido drops, because if you’re being chased by a bear it’s a terrible time to get down.

Parasympathetic is rest & digest, or feed & breed. Digestion accelerates. Focus widens. Creativity expands. And the body responds with more resources for long-term survival – ie reproduction. Getting some. Boom chicka boom boom.

But why should I care about being horny?

Wait – why do YOU care if I’m feeling like getting jiggy with it?

I care because you should care. And you should care because you need to be in a parasympathetic state more of the time. Parasympathetic is essential to learning. It’s essential to muscle gain and fat loss. It’s essential to maximizing sport performance. And of course, there’s the sex. But that’s already been established.

Okay, but what can I do?

First: Have. More. Sex. With a partner. With yourself. Enjoy it. Make it a great experience.

Second: Look around in your life for the little things that are pushing you towards a sympathetic state. Are you spending tons of time on FB/IG/Twitter? Do you consume a lot of news or processed foods? Are your workouts on the high-end of intensity every time? Where can you trim back by a few degrees.

Third: Seek to maximize the parasympathetic. Meditate. Journal. Deep breathing. Feel-good-muscle-pump workouts. Go for a walk or an easy bike ride. Be in nature. Eat more veggies and foods that look like they did when they were alive.

Move and meditate

I lead a yoga-ish class a few times a week (3M for Movement, Mobility, and Meditation). Check out our schedule of free classes or shoot me an email if you’d like to drop in and get your libido fixed.

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