Fat loss isn’t easy. It’s uncomfortable.

You’ll probably need to change how and what you’re eating.

You’ll need to change your physical activity – maybe do more, maybe do less of some things and more of others.

You’ll need to change your mindset, how you deal with stress, how you see yourself.

And yes, you’ll probably need to buy some new clothes.

Seriously, who would choose to go through that? I’m tired just reading it. How about you?

Just give me the quick fix! Give me the pill, or the new way to drink my coffee, or the ideal workout that will guarantee results.

Here’s the bad news: the workout isn’t the answer. Meditation isn’t the answer. Coffee with butter isn’t the answer. And psychotherapy/a pill/7-minute abs/a treadmill isn’t the answer either.

Really, you’re still here? After all the bad news? You’re STILL with me. You’re awesome.

That tells me you’re ready to tackle the tough stuff.

First, once we can accept that fat loss takes time and effort, and that all of the promised quick fixes actually aren’t fixes at all, we’re ready to take the next step.

The next step is to break things down into small steps.

We start by just writing down what we’re eating, so we can reflect on it and start looking at the quality of our food choices.

We start by getting moving; this could be big and bad-ass (huge barbells and dragging trucks) or it could be small and simple (walk and roll around on the floor). Or somewhere in between.

We start by building 5 minutes into our days to focus on movement, nutrition, and health.

And then we do it again, and again, and again. And together, we craft a plan to move you towards your goals. 

Hey - Michael here. I'm the owner and head coach of Wasatch Fitness Academy.

Your goals are our goals.

Let me and my team help you lose fat, get strong, and improve your health.

Fat loss comes down to three things: movement, nutrition, and stress management.

Working with a skilled coach, who cares deeply about you and partners with you to ensure success, is a game-changer.

My own journey has included wins and losses, coaches who did and who didn’t care, injuries and rehab.

Most notably, I’ve changed how I think about both the journey and the destination, and that’s been the most important piece. From your mindset, everything else will follow.

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