Happy Feet!

You're only as strong as your foundation, so make it bulletproof

Why should you bulletproof your feet?

Your feet sit there at the bottom of your legs. They fit through your jeans, and then they get socks and shoes, or maybe just flip flops. 

But your feet are true mechanical marvels. 26 bones – 12% of the bones of your body are in your feet. And those bones bear the weight of your entire body, every day. Plus, there’s almost no muscle in your foot; feet are controlled by the muscles in your lower legs.

Improve performance and strength

When you go for a run, your feet hit the ground with multiple times your body weight, and then they need to be able to spring you forward. That requires a lot of strength.

When you swing a kettlebell, or squat, or hike with a loaded pack, your feet and ankles take that load before any other part of your body, and they have to be stable to help keep your knees safe.

Decrease pain and avoid injury

You probably don’t give your feet enough credit for how hard they work, but when you injure them you have to sit down–literally! and change all of your movement habits. Ouch! 

Every exercise and piece of information presented in Happy Feet! will help prevent or begin healing issues like Plantar Fasciitis, chronic ankle sprains, bunions, heel pain, and Achilles Tendonitis. When your feet and ankles are strong, working properly, and free to move, so are you!

How We'll Bulletproof Your Feet

We’ll start with a short introduction to the biomechanics of the feet and lower legs, and then dig into how those pieces work together to keep you upright and moving forward. 

Then we’ll go through several self-assessments on how the bones should move so you can see exactly what your feet need to stay healthy and functional for life.

From there we’ll explore more than a dozen exercises and variations for actively stretching & strengthening the feet, along with some voodoo tricks so you’ll have a toolkit to use at home.

Finally, you’ll track your information in a provided sheet – your own homework! – so you can be autonomous in your movement practice, using how you feel and what you’ve learned as the ultimate guide moving forward.

When and Where and How Much?

Tuesday, July 2; 630pm - 9pm

Cost: $25 in advance, $30 at the door

Reserve your spot early.

WFA members: email Michael to reserve your spot or register online.

The Instructor

Kiera Lucich is a movement coach with an emphasis on neurological health. With training in functional neurology and 15 years of teaching dance, yoga, and movement, she has set upon her journey to help people become their most joyful self through brain-based movement training, curiosity, self-compassion and habit re-patterning. Happy Feet! is a culmination of a lifetime of barefoot care and training and is in process of becoming a guidebook for foot health and care.