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Week of 12AUG19

EMPHASIS: Lats Prep5m Flow2 Rounds– 60′ Bear Crawl– 20 Pec Ball Presses –> 20s Hold– 20 Hinge Plate Rows –>20S Hold Monday Moderate Strength (Pull

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Week of 05AUG19

PRIORITY: Glute Medius and VMO Prep5m Flow60′ Low Crawl50/50 VMO Pulses10/10 Glute Med Squats60′ Spiderman Crawl50/50 VMO Pulses10/10 Glute Med Squats MondayLong Strength (Swings, Squats,

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Week of 29JUL19

PRIORITY: Breathing PREP5m Flow2 Rounds– 60′ Nasal Crawl– 120′ Nasal Farmers Carry– 15 Nose-Mouth Ball Slams MondayModerate Strength (Pull and Squat)Endurance GRIND15 (Nasal Only, No

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Week of 22JUL19

PREPEmphasis: Calves, Hamstrings, Glutes4m Flow3 Rounds of:– 25-50 Calf Raises– 15-30 Tempo RDLs– 10 KB Swings MondayModerate Strength (Heavy Press, Single-leg DL)Moderate Endurance (GRIND15)Chassis Integrity

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Week of 15JUL19

Emphasis: Shoulder Stability Prep– 5m Flow3 Rounds of:– 60 Crawl– 2x5ct Arm Bar– 25 Pec PressSadist Circles Monday15m Skill: Get-UpsEndurance IntervalsChassis Integrity (Short Grind) TuesdayPrehabTabatasPower

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