Bonus Conditioning v1.0

Context: This is a 6-week program, intended to be executed three times per week. The goal of this program is to improve endurance and work capacity. This program is also excellent in training for fat loss. Each day’s programming will take 20 minutes, and will be executed during the Independent Study blocks of Strength and Conditioning classes. This programming will be in addition to the ~20 minutes of conditioning work programmed for classes.

Day A1: Assessment 1

Rowing/Hip/Shoulder Warm-Up (8 minutes)

2 Rounds: Row 400m at a moderate intensity; 10+10 monster steps and 5 tempo band squats; 5 band pullovers and 10 pullaparts

Rowing Time Trial (12 minutes)

Row a 12 minute time trial; work for maximum distance. Record: total distance rowed and average power (Watts) upon completion

Day A2: Assessment 2

AMRAP5 (5 minutes)

Maximum Get-Ups in 5 minutes. Record size of bag used, and repetitions completed.

AMRAP15 (15 minutes)

3 Clean and Press; 5 Sandbag Step-Ups; 10 Air Squats. Record size of bag used, size of box used, and the number of repetitions completed.

Day 1: VO2Max Builder

Rowing Warm-Up (4m)

Row 2 250m pieces, increasing intensity each piece; perform 10+10 monster walks after each piece.

VO2Max Intervals (15m)

Complete 4 sets of: 10 seconds all out; 20 seconds at your 12 minute time trial average wattage (day -1); 30 seconds easy.

Rest for 1 minute, and repeat.

The work looks like this: 10s (hard)/20s (medium)/30s (easy) for 4 sets (no rest). At end of 4th set, rest 1 minute. Repeat the 4 sets two more times, with 1 minute between rounds.

Day 2: Power Intervals

Warm-up (4m)

2 Rounds: 15+15 Monster Walks; 10 Band Tempo Squats; 30′ Heel Walk

The Main Work

EMOM16: a) 6 LDSB Clean and Press, b) 6 KB/DB Thrusters

Day 3: Lactic Endurance Intervals

Warm-up (4m)

2 Rounds: 15+15 Monster Walks; 10 Band Tempo Squats; 30′ Heel Walk

The Main Work

5 Rounds: 1m hard effort, 3m complete rest. Exercise options: D&U, C&P, KB Snatches, Ski, Row

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