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Michael Krushinsky

MIchael is the head coach at wasatch fitness academy. 

He teaches yoga. And running. And strength & Conditioning. ANd mentors coaches. And runs the show.

more notably, he’s on his own fitness journey towards a lifetime of health so he can ski for another 60 years. And his life’s work (for the moment) is to build the ultimate place for individuals of all stripes to get healthier and fitter, through programs that address the whole person.

Week of 04MAY2020 L&M #2

5/6/2020 Intent: Prepare/PerformIntensity: OrangeInspiration: “Higher” PREP 5min Flow2 Rounds:5 Inch Worms20 Frog Pumps5 Floor Mantis STRENGTH RFQ2010/10 One-leg Poor Man’s Leg Curl12-15 Pike Push-ups5-8 Natural

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Week of 04MAY2020 L&M #1

OVERVIEW / BRIEFING Intent: PrepareIntensity: YellowInspiration: “Solid” PREP 5min Flow2 Rounds:30s Prying Squat20/20 Extended-Range Side-Lying Hip Abductions20 Half Push-ups – Plank position, only go down

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L&M #3 Week of 27APR2020

Intent: PlayIntensity: YellowInspiration: “Get Open” PREP 5min Flow2 Rounds:– 15 Zombie Squats– 5/5 Twisting Bear – Really rotate into the shoulder socket at the top–

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L&M #2 Week of 27APR2020

Overview / Briefing Intent: PrepareIntensity: OrangeInspiration: “Suffer Well” PREP 3-5min Flow15/15 Split Squat12 Calf Raises – 3s full squeeze at the top5 Wall Slides –

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L&M #1 Week of 27APR2020

BRIEFING/OVERVIEW Intent: PrepareIntensity: GreenInspiration: “Move Farther” PREP 3-5min Flow3 Rounds:– 20 Waiter Bows– 15 Push-ups– 12 Chair Dips STRENGTH RFQ1212/12 Single Leg Deadlift15 Elevated Glute

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