Meet the coaches

Micah Foster: Nutrition Coach

What’s your favorite exercise? 
The deadlift. It was one of the first exercises I learned and there’s just something very gratifying about heaving a massive amount of weight around.
What’s your least favorite exercise?
Battle ropes. (Yes, I know conditioning is essential, but I’d much rather lift weights!)
How do you move when you’re not in the gym?
I like walking, hiking, tennis, volleyball, and I never get to the batting cages as often as I’d like!
What’s your main goal?
My primary goal is to lose fat, although I’m always enticed by the prospect of getting bigger, stronger. Ultimately, I suppose, my real goal is just to be active and move well.
On the path towards your goal, what else do you want to accomplish?
I want to achieve true health in body and mind – which is to say, an increased mindset and hope to face life and its challenges with courage and confidence. As well as to help others do the same.
What’s your story? Your ‘why?’
I’ve been overweight my whole life. My early years and schooling were hell. I never felt like I fit in, or that I was acceptable to anyone, least of all myself. I don’t suppose I know a time in my life when I was ever really healthy. After choosing a career in the allied medical field (speech-language pathology), I saw the toll that lack of self-care took on people and I knew that if I didn’t make a change, I’d end up sick and bedridden, like so many of my patients. While the physical changes have been challenging, the mental and emotional changes have been far more difficult to tackle. I’m certain I’m not alone in that and I want to help others feel supported through their journey of change, whether physical, mental or emotional. As with all things in life, the biggest challenges often yield the biggest rewards.